The Scratchbook: Alma Loveland

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Alma Loveland is a Canadian designer and illustrator living in Utah. She works closely with her husband Mike at their studio, Ollibird, where they create apps, printable artwork, and toys. (Check out their recently-funded project on Kickstarter!)

This year as a personal challenge, Alma has been making a pattern (almost!) every day, and sharing them on Instagram under the hashtag #365patterns. Her patterns cover a wide variety of subjects, not the least of which are dogs, and today we are super excited to share some of her canine-inspired illustrations! Read on to see more and hear the inspiration behind each pattern!

Dog Pack and Dog Park: I realized that most of my illustrations are of stationery things. But as I was thinking about a dog pattern, I really wanted to create something with a lot of movement. This pattern was a real stretch for me, and I’m very happy with the result!

Dog Park is available as free downloadable stationery! You can also download the Dog Days gift wrap for $5.

Dachshunds & Bassets: Through our shop, we have come to know one of our customers. She truly is our number one fan, and we’ve really come to love her. Earlier this year, to thank her for her loyalty, I told her that I’d design something based on a prompt or suggestion from her. She loves dachshunds, so I created this pattern in response. It elicited a big response on Instagram, so I decided to do a basset in the same style for my brother and his girlfriend.

The Dachshund pattern is available as  free downloadable notecards!

Bostons (feature image): Boston terriers are one of my favorite breeds, and I couldn’t really resist making a pattern featuring Bostons wearing sweaters and scarves!

Be sure to check out more of Alma’s work as well as her online shop, Caravan Shoppe, where she sells downloadable artwork, stationery, and wrapping paper. Alma also teaches online Illustrator classes, including a class about how to make patterns!

Thanks Alma!