The Scoop: Aaron De Simone And Porter

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Aaron De Simone is a graphic designer and the curator of I Heart Luxe, a weekly email newsletter that covers fashion, design, lifestyle, food and travel. He is a highly influential pinner, and a recognized trend spotter by the likes of Dwell Magazine and the Huffington Post. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, he recently moved to San Francisco to follow his passion of discovery and sharing. An adventure isn’t complete without a sidekick, though — let’s meet his other, four-legged half!

Name? Porter

Nickname? Mister, Port-a-potty, Rascal

Age? 6 months

Breed? Formosan Mountain Dog (aka Taiwan dog)

What’s “The Scoop”? I found Porter through a great local rescue organization called Love & Second Chances. His litter was found in an abandoned box on a busy street in Taiwan and if he survived would be destined to be a street dog. Luckily a kind person was able to find a foster home that could care for them until they were old enough for adoption.

I didn’t meet Porter on purpose, I actually went to go see one of his brothers but his personality wasn’t a good fit. The foster home suggested I take a look at the other pups they were fostering and that’s when I met Porter. We instantly bonded, he was calm, affectionate, and playful, plus he had the most adorable floppy ear. The next week I picked him up and we’ve been together ever since.

Favorite Toy? He loves his Chuck-it and stuffed animal Moose.

Favorite Food? Rawhide

Favorite place to sleep? On my bed or my lap. During the week he sleeps in his crate but on weekends I let him on the bed, he loves to sleep with his head on my shoulder.

Pet Peeves? None. He seriously has an amazing temperament. Baths, motorcycles, kids, nothing seems to faze him.

Best Trick? High-Fives!

Gear? There is a local San Francisco company called Wildebeest; they have the best collars, leashes, and beds. Porter has pretty much everything they make.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Probably a tiger or hyena, mostly because of his wild looking brindle coat.

“Luxury” and dogs don’t always go together — what’s the most expensive thing Porter has destroyed (that you’re aware of)? Sometimes I feel like I won the dog lottery, because he is so well behaved and hasn’t destroyed a single thing… Yet.

Thanks Aaron and Porter!