Chris Biasi Justin Nickels Trygve Faste Stephan Alexander Marshall Tipton The 13 planters will be on display at the Oregon College of Art and Craft’s Centrum Gallery along side a portfolio of Revolution Design House products through

Manchester born, Los Angeles raised artist Joshua Abarbanel’s work makes me feel feelings inside – all kinds of happy feelings. The three-dimensional sculptures are made up of cut wooden forms that are meticulously laid out

Got some blank wall space in need of fresh, new artwork? We are super excited about a new contest we’re hosting with Crated! Brought to you by the same awesome folks behind DNA11 and CanvasPop, Crated

Artist and illustrator Jenn Ski has mad skills when it comes to modern and mid-century patterns, illustrations, and paintings, and now her work is being featured on pre-pasted wallpaper. Tiki Tok 1 is available through

Tara Donovan has an obsession with materials and a super-human level of patience. The Brooklyn-based artist transforms “ordinary” objects by the thousands into impossible and awe-inspiring formations. Untitled, 2014 Two new works currently fill Pace Gallery in New