Allsteel Launches A Soft, Modular Seating System Called Rise Lounge

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Allsteel recently expanded their commercial seating offerings to include Rise Lounge, a modular seating system inspired by the natural ways humans get together and collaborate. Designed by Rainlight Studio and IDA Design, Rise Lounge comprises a series of multi-level soft modules and work surfaces that aim to increase productivity and flexibility in any environment. The collection features a variety of shapes, including a chaise, tiered risers, corner pieces, ottomans, and more, that can be placed together into any configuration, much like a three-dimensional puzzle. Rise also allows for changes throughout the day or for different activities as needed.

The components can be used on their own or in a collaborative setup – like face to face, back to back, side by side, or angled apart. Rise Lounge adapts to different styles of work and body types while accommodating relaxed or more traditional postures.

Power adaptors are an option to give users the ability to work and charge their devices conveniently.

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