A São Paulo Apartment Decked Out In Shades Of Grey

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DT estúdio took on renovations of an 1,130 square foot apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, which began as a disjointed, two bedroom residence. The layout wasn’t working for the owner, so the decision was to eliminate one bedroom adding much needed space to the rest of the rooms.

The kitchen and living room were connected creating longer sight lines and bringing much needed light into the narrow kitchen.

During demolition, they discovered concrete beams and columns which helped inspire the apartment’s new urban design. A long surface for the TV and other objects was made from concrete, helping to tie in the existing concrete details. They also gave the walls a concrete texture. Along with all of the grey concrete, they painted the walls in various shades of grey to create cohesion.

To balance out all of the cold concrete, they installed warm wood floors and furnishings full of textured materials.

In the kitchen, the lower cabinets and granite are a dark color. The backsplash is a grey glass tile which leads to the bright red upper cabinets.

Open red shelves pop against a green wall, which also features a wooden bar with two chairs.

Photos by Edu Castello.