A Family’s 3rd And Final House In Lodz, Poland

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Le 2 Workshop were tasked with designing a new home, the family’s third, that would ultimately be their last one. Their previous houses were dark and lacked enough space, so those issues were at the forefront of the brand-new, 286-square-meter (3078-square-feet) design. Located near the forest in Lodz, Poland, the Third House From The Sun was built on a strange shaped lot which led to a unique floor plan.

The one-story design’s entrance almost bisects the middle perimeter, which was done after careful research into the ephemeris of the sun, as well as local building rules. They wanted to build an eco-friendly home so capturing daylight when they can is necessary.

The additional exterior walls allow for more windows to keep the interior nice and bright.

The home’s facade is clad in contrasting black and white slate, which creates bold curb appeal.

The interior is made up of the same contrasting colors creating continuity with the exterior. The neutral color palette, besides the black and white, extends to grey and wood tones.